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Python Walk Pads

Available Now

Introducing the Python Walk pad.

World's Lightest and Thinnest Walk Pad.




Thread area, 4cm/1.57inch

Detachable Handrail

Remove stabilisers once you're confident on the Python. Use small weights and creatively curate your workouts.

Easy Storage

Unscrew the stabilisers, and fold the handrail, it slides into any space easily.

8 Speed Modes

Lower speeds for a slow fat burn, or increase the speed for an intensive race walk.

Digital Display

Physical screen, shows real time data, calories burned, time elapsed and current speed mode.

Remote Control

Increase or decrease speeds with remote control to decide intensity of workout, mid session. 

Device Holder

Slide in your phone/tablet on the handrail. Catch your favourite movies, listen to music or be in online meetings during your workout.

Anti-Skid Belt

Walkpad belt is textured and are made with premium quality polymer resin. Use appropriate shoes for maximum performance.

Adjustable Leveller

As each floor surface is unique, adjustable levellers are in place to ensure the walkpad is sturdy anywhere and everywhere.

Additional Information

Python Walkpads can support a maximum weight of 120kg and are under warranty for 6 months. Delivery will take 3 - 6 working days. Reach out to us at for feedback/enquiries/exchange.



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